Beeswax Melts


Luminous Candles beeswax melt packs are a great item to suit most types of melt burners but work best with our Aroma Glow™ electric melt burner. Our melt packs come in 5 individual melts. All you need to do is pop a melt into your melt burner and enjoy!
Choose from “Pure” (unscented), Sweet Honeycomb or Thyme & Olive Leaf (scented).
All our beeswax melts are hand-poured and come in either a hexagon (honeycomb) or bee design and are randomly chosen when packaged.
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Studies show that anything floating in the air does so because it is ‘positively charged’ – this includes dusts, pollens, nasty odours, viruses, bacteria, germs and even toxic residues and emissions from household furnishings. Odours remain because they have a positive charge.

All of these toxins present a potential health risk as they live in the air you breathe.

Beeswax is said to be a natural ioniser – emitting negative ions when burned/melted. It helps to purify your air of dust, pollen, odours, toxins, mould and mildew whilst leaving a light, natural honey scent (more noticeable in the “Pure” fragrance melt). It does this by emitting negative ions which then bind with the positive ions, creating a complete molecule, which is heavier than air and falls to the ground.

Beeswax gets very hot! It has a much higher melting point than other waxes, so care should be taken when handling containers of hot beeswax.

Weight 100 g

Pure, Sweet Honeycomb, Thyme & Olive Leaf