Aroma Glow™ Electric Melt Burner


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Aroma Glow™ electric melt burners are perfect for any home, office or anywhere you’d like to introduce your favourite fragrance without using a flame and provide a safe, clean and efficient way to enjoy the aroma of your favourite wax melts or essential oils. Simply plug in, pop in your favourite melt or essential oil and enjoy!

Designed to maximise the efficiency of wax melts or essential oils, the Aroma Glow™ electric melt burner operate at a constant temperature, enabling your wax melts to gently melt to liquid and reveal their delightful aroma.

Simply turn on the Aroma Glow™ electric melt burner and place your favourite wax melt or essential oil into the bowl. To remove the melt, allow to cool and harden, then replace as desired. Be careful ceramic body becomes hot when in use.

Weight 1260 g
Aroma Glow™ Style

Albany Red, Ningaloo Blue, Scarlett, Sunbird