Hi, hello & howdy!

Hi, hello & howdy! Welcome to our first blog.

We are Luminous – a small family run business located at the foothills of the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Australia. Although this is our first blog, we have been lovingly making candles since January of 2012. What was just an experiment due to a bad experience with an expensive candle is now our much loved and much cherished little business – the core of our business is to strive to make sure our products are affordable without compromising on the quality.

We specialise in candles hand poured into our 2 sizes of Luminous Candles jars, tea lights, melts and outdoor candles with a current core range of 27 fragrances. Our core fragrances are also available in Stix by Luminous reed diffusers and, launching shortly, room sprays.

To us, the jar is just as important as the fragrance and just as important as the integrity of the wax/fragrance formula. We have spent many years finding the perfect vessels for our candles and are very pleased with our white opaque jars and natural timber lids for all indoor candles and white concrete jar and lid for our outdoor candles.

Whilst we have a core range of fragrances, we also have Limited Release collections that usually run for 3 months. For example, we currently have a “For Him” collection (for all the male candle lovers out there) and a “Springtime Bloom” collection because, you know… Spring!!!

For us, being an only child wasn’t an option and launching soon is Luminous Body, the newest addition to the Luminous Home family. Luminous Body’s core will be body products which include botanical bath bombs, botanical bath tea bags, bath salts, bath soak, body wash, shampoo, and hand wash.

Come visit us and have your Luminous experience at luminousbrands.com.au. Keep up to date by following us on our Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you! Without our great customers, we wouldn’t be able to share our love of candles with so many people.

The Luminous Team